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這款打著「招財進寶」恭賀語句的手工皂,特別為新春賀年製造。此皂主要成分是含豐富維他命E和Omega 6的榛果油和山茶花油,具抗氧化,舒緩滋養柔膚,增加肌膚彈性,形成保濕保護膜讓肌膚散發光釆。大量的不飽和脂肪酸對肌膚有抗老化作用。添加暖膚活血的薑粉、薑精油和有「藥王」之稱的當歸精油。具鎮靜精神、平和情緒、對虛弱身體有助,抗失眠特性。(連一起泡網)

「招財進寶」生薑當歸活氣滋養皂 Ginger Angelica Root Nourish Soap

SKU: 0033
  • This handmade soap bearing a message of "Have a wealth and success", is specially made for the Chinese New Year. The main ingredient of this soap is hazelnut oil and camellia oil which is rich in vitamin E and Omega 6, with anti-oxidation, soothing and toning skin, increasing skin elasticity and  moisturizing. A large number of unsaturated fatty acids given anti-aging effect on the skin.


    Ginger powder and ginger essential oil are added which stimulate blood circulation and antiseptic purpose.  Angelica Root essential oil also name as "drug king" with properties of calming emotions, balancing, boost up energy and anti-insomnia characteristics.

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