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100ml Pure Bulgarian Rose Water 保加利亞玫瑰純露

SKU: 0042
  • What is Rose Water/Hydrosol?
    It is the water that is created when extracting essential oil from the petals by steam distillation. 


    What are the benefits of Rose Water?
    - Nourishing and moisturising to skin of all types. It is rich in vitamin C and high level of antioxidant polyphenols which can help keep your skin looking bright and healthy. 

    - Toning. It has astringent properties can leave skin tighter, firmer.

    - Cooling and refreshing mist on your face after sun or long day work in office as an instant skin booster and moisturiser. 

    - Natural perfume with a beautiful rose scent. Use it as a body mist after a shower or can be used as an air freshener for your bedroom. 

    - Soothing and healing properties on acne, itchy eczema or sunburn skin.


    How to use Rose Water? 
    Use directly on skin as a facial toner. Mix them in with your skin care products like face cream, homemade face mask and added in your massage products for a smoother and relaxing feel.

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