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甜橙杏仁黑糖磨砂: 杏仁黑糖有效磨去肌膚上的老角質,甜杏仁油,荷荷芭油作肌底油滋潤保濕。用後肌膚清爽、滑淨、柔軟,適合面部和全身使用。

薄荷迷迭香清涼身體磨砂: 適合全身去舊角質,薄荷可幫助放鬆神經和舒緩疲勞。

Natural Body Scrub 天然身體磨砂

HK$160.00 Regular Price
HK$138.00Sale Price
  • Do you know just few simple ingredients can smooth and soothe your body and mind!

    After a nice body scrub, relax in a hot Himalayan pink salt bath with Lavender and Rose essential oils. 
    All natural ingredients, no added preservatives or additives!


    🍊Sweet Orange Almond Sugar Scrub (Suitable for face and body)

    Brown sugar and almond meal removed the dead skin effectively. Sweet almond oil and jojoba oil leave skin moisture and soft.
    🌿Peppermint Rosemary Sugar Scrub (Suitable for body) Peppermint essential oil has relax and soothe tighten muscle properties. Leave you a fresh and relieve body and mind.

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