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使用方法:隨時隨地...想散發天然動人芳香氣味!任何時候...需要提升精神及情感的關注! 適合任何類型的肌膚。容量50ml

Natural Body Spray (For Her)她的天然香體潤膚噴霧

SKU: 0047
  • These Natural Body Spray blended with a selection of three pure essential oils; Ylang-ylang essential oil with a sweet, heavy aroma promotes relaxation and uplifting qualities. Jasmine essential oil with a calming scent makes people feel full of happiness and love. All these floral sweetness of the fragrance enhances femininity, romance and confidence! 

    Last, Sandalwood essential oil acts as a base tone with a soft, sweet and resin scented that has a gentle soothing tension and easing stress properties. 


    The properties of essential oil also use as a balancing and moisturising oil for skincare. Repair and soften the skin, infiltrate the natural energy into the face and body skin to make it more healthy and radiant look. No preservatives, artificial colours or fragrance oils are added, without the burden of chemical residues on the skin. 


    How to use: Anytime, anywhere you feel like to smell good naturally! Whenever you need to boost up your spiritual and emotional level! Suitable for all types of skin. 

    Volume 50ml

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