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這是一款滋養性高、能改善粗糙肌膚特別是指甲邊、手肘、腳踝等乾燥位置。添加迷人的玫瑰精油,可舒緩放鬆心情。甜杏仁油及乳木果脂富含維生素D,可深層保濕、質地油潤但不黏膩,能形成保護膜、同時令肌膚柔滑細嫩。輕巧方便放在手袋隨時滋潤肌膚,更可作香膏隨時給自己打上高貴玫瑰香氣。成分:甜杏仁油、橄欖油、特級黃蜜蠟、有機乳木果油脂、可可脂、玫瑰精油、天竺葵精油。Vol. 30g

Rose Care Balm 草本玫瑰柔滑嫩膚膏

SKU: 0029
  • Use to soothe, smooth, moisture hardworking hands, nails, cuticles, improve dry, rough skin anywhere on your body. Charming rose essential oil is added to relieve your mood. Sweet almond oil and shea butter are rich in vitamin D that is suitable for all skin types, leave skin smooth and soft. Handy packaging to soothe and pamper your skin anytime, anywhere with a noble rose aroma. Vol.30g

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