From anxiety to muscles soreness, massage therapy can help ease some of the physical and motional factors associated with a stressful life. Two special blended massage oil “Self love”and “Detox” with a gua sha plate 刮痧板 for lymphatic drainage, water retention, muscles soreness and pain, improving circulation as well as improve skin elasticity.

Self Love massage oil is blended with Clary sage essential oil, Geranium essential oil and Petitgrain essential oil, it developed alongside Aromatherapy can support hormone balancing, healthy immune system, reduce stress and promote healthy skin.

Detox massage oil is blend with Bergamot essential oil, Thyme essential oil and Rosemary essential oil. This oil improves blood circulation, removes toxins and waste from body, helps reduce weight and swelling, strengthens immune system, boosts memory and energy. It can also releases muscles aches.

Xmas Massage Oil Gift Set

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