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適合油性和粉刺皮膚,尤其青少年皮膚使用。 成分含有未精製酪梨油、杏核仁油、有機乳木果脂和紅棕櫚油。是一款洗感清爽,對肌膚有深層清潔同時保濕和平衡肌膚油脂的功能皂。添加茶樹和迷迭香精油具有抗菌、消炎效用。對炎症、受損肌膚有療癒效果。

Avocado Tea Tree Cleansing Soap 酪梨茶樹深層清潔皂

SKU: 0001
  • A special blend for teenager skin problems. Refreshing, retaining moisture and balancing oils on the skin. Thanks to unrefined avocado oil and red palm oil create the natural beauty of green and orange on the soap. Both oil rich in nutritions for nourishing rough skin. Highly recommend for oily and acne skin.

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