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精油成份:玫瑰. 天竺葵. 薰衣草. 快樂鼠尾草. 依蘭依蘭



100% pure essential oil with a rosewood diffuser

Ingredients: Rose, Geranium, Lavender, Clary sage and Ylang Ylang essential oil

Highly regarded for its balancing properties for both the mind and body, diffuse the “Calm” Oil to reduce feelings of stress, nervousness and tension.

Inhaling the oil help calm the brain and central nervous system. This makes it a popular essential oil for aromatherapy and meditation purposes. It also helps insomnia, lowers blood pressure and heart rate and quite naturally sets the body up for sleep.

Add 2-3 drops on diffuser

Or add few drops into a bath

Note: Never apply undiluted pure essential oil directly on skin

Calm - pure essential oil with a rosewood diffuser 「靜」純香薰精油配花梨擴香木

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