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適合任何類型皮膚使用。 為有濕疹、敏感、幼兒細膩肌膚的保養皂。成分包括;橄欖油、甜杏仁油、杏核仁油、澳洲堅果油、椰子油和有機乳木果脂。它可以舒緩乾燥皮膚,洗後皮膚清爽、柔軟。添加薰衣草精油、玫瑰草精油有鎮靜,舒緩和平衡功效。也可選添加薰衣草乾,助溫柔地去角質。

Lavender Shea Butter Soap 乳木果薰衣草沐浴皂

SKU: 0003
  • Suitable for all types of skin. Especially for delicate ones like young children. It can soothe dryness and leave skin soft and fresh. Some with natural dried lavender for a gentle exfoliating or just a pure soap without. Pure lavender essential oil, palmarosa essential oil are added for calming, soothing and balancing.

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