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山茶油、甜杏仁油和杏核仁油為主要成分,添加檸檬精油和尤加利精油。具有保濕、滋養、 抗菌肌膚的功能。加入天然檸檬皮和橙皮有助去角質。洗後給肌膚平滑、清爽的觸感。並且為肌膚留下淡淡的柑橘清新的氣味。

Lemon Eucalyptus Soap 檸檬尤加利提神滋養皂

SKU: 0002
  • An uplifting soap with natural dried lemon and orange peels for exfoliating. As well as a gentle citrus scent leaves on the skin after wash. Camellia oil and apricot kernel oil as main ingredients in retaining moisture, give a smooth and fresh touch on the skin.

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