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洗碗洗衣好幫手! 一款用作洗碗、洗衣同時又呵護雙手的家事皂。清潔力強,添加具有抗菌、除臭功能的茶樹精油和尤加利精油。也可作清潔、抗菌同時、保濕的洗手皂。向化學清潔劑說不!六款不同有趣的小屋造型,給您做家務同時增添情趣。


Tea Tree Antiseptic Home Soap 茶樹抗菌家居皂

SKU: 0015
  • Eco-friendly natural home soaps in six different house shaped design. Made with natural vegetable oils without chemicals, addictives. Tea tree and Eucalyptus essential oil are added for antiseptic function. Taking care of your two hands while you are taking care of housework. It sutiable for washing dishes as well as delicate clothes. It is a good soap for cleaning beeswax food wraps.

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